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Start your journey to becoming a professional medium with our 
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Join our FREE training session and take the first step towards building a successful career as a highly-skilled spiritual medium. Unlock your full potential and earn a living doing what you love. 

  • Register, or DM us and we will contact you to book you into the next available slot.

  • Discover ancient Scottish techniques

  • Master complete proof of life after death 

  • Develop a successful medium business with expert support and guidance

Either fill in the form and we will contact you, first by SMS followed by phone. The training adviser will book a time for your free training session.

Or SMS us directly at (833) 263-4239.

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Become a Working Professional Psychic Medium

If you are considering learning to become a professional medium, let us make you an offer first. Inquire today and get your training slot for FREE! These training sessions will be held over Zoom. Fill in your details today we will contact you to book your slot. 

You will get a glimpse of our training methods and go through the following:  


Learning how to Open and Close

Receive between a direct reading from either the training medium or an advanced student

Receive hand-holding from The Training Medium as you give a reading yourself. Even if you are completely new, we will help you to experience receiving from Spirit, interpreting it, and giving a message.


The only job AI can never do is Mediumship!

As we navigate the burgeoning landscape of the digital age, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the job and career market is becoming increasingly profound. This technological revolution is double-edged, presenting both challenges and opportunities across various sectors. On one hand, AI's ability to learn, improve, and perform tasks autonomously is propelling industries to new heights of efficiency and innovation. On the other, it is posing a disruptive threat to traditional job roles and employment structures, making it a pivotal focus for future career planning and workforce development.

The integration of AI into the workplace is not just about automation but also about the enhancement of performance and productivity. From data-driven decision-making and predictive analytics to customer service and operational efficiencies, AI's applications are boundless. However, this surge in AI adoption is reshaping the career market, often favoring those with technological prowess over those with more traditional skill sets. The ripple effect is the potential displacement of workers, particularly in roles involving repetitive or basic cognitive tasks, and a heightened need for individuals skilled in AI and machine learning.

Yet, amidst this transformative shift, there is a growing recognition of inherently human attributes that AI and automation cannot replicate. Emotional intelligence, creativity, critical thinking, and deep empathy are just a few. Professions rooted in these competencies, including spiritual mediumship, represent a frontier impervious to the encroachment of artificial intelligence. These roles underscore the irreplaceable aspects of human intuition and consciousness, offering not just employment resilience but also avenues for meaningful and fulfilling careers.

Moving forward, the career market will likely witness a dichotomy. There will be an escalating demand for professionals who can develop, manage, and work alongside AI technologies, thus driving a surge in education and training programs focused on digital and technological skills. Concurrently, professions necessitating a high degree of human touch, emotional intelligence, and spiritual connectivity will gain prominence, valued for their immunity to automation.

In this landscape, comprehensive career planning and continuous learning emerge as critical strategies for individuals and businesses alike. For job seekers and professionals, cultivating a combination of technical proficiency and soft skills can ensure versatility and employability in an AI-influenced market. For businesses, investing in human capital, reskilling, and upskilling employees to work in synergy with AI will be crucial for innovation and sustainability.

In conclusion, as AI continues to weave into the fabric of professional environments, the career market is set for a dynamic evolution. Balancing technological advancement with the innate strengths of the human spirit will be the cornerstone of progress, ensuring that society can harness the full potential of AI without overshadowing the unique, irreplaceable value that individuals bring to the workforce.


The Opportunity

Once you have attended your FREE training session, we will consider you for training, and ask you to evaluate if you are up to the level of intensity that this six-month program requires. Our program will help you become an exceptional and successful spiritual medium. With personalized guidance and training, we will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and legal foundation to maximize your income and manage the risks involved in the business. Marc Stuart, our expert practitioner, evaluates and guides you to help you reach your full potential.

We recognize that everyone has unique strengths and abilities. Our training program covers diverse aspects of mediumship, including leveraging technology for online readings and using multiple cameras for card readings. With our tailored approach, you'll gain the confidence and skills to explore your unique strengths and excel in your career.

Our course fee includes a basic website set up with hosting, branding, and links to earn income. Our annual marketing budget of over $50,000 enhances medium visibility and supports the success of our business. All our trained mediums have similar websites, contributing to our overall success.

Our business also offers a five percent commission for any referrals who sign up for our training through your website. Join us and enjoy the benefits of our branding and affiliate system.

How it Works

Meet Marc Stuart - The Scottish Medium

Marc Stuart Medium - Trainer

Discover the fascinating world of traditional Scottish spiritual training under the guidance of Marc Stuart, which will leave you feeling inspired and enlightened. You'll learn about the history and practices of Scottish spiritual traditions, as well as develop your own abilities in psychic and mediumship skills.

With a clientele spanning across the globe, from the United States to India, South Africa to Australia, Marc Stuart has helped countless individuals connect with the spiritual realm and find peace and guidance.

Beyond his work as a medium, Marc is also an accomplished author, having written the book, "Opening and Closing: Why Closing Is Essential for all Spiritual Workers or Defence 101." This insightful book teaches invaluable lessons about spiritual protection and development for practitioners of all levels.


How It Works

1. You answer!

Register your interest. One of our training Advisers will call you, discuss and book your training event with you.

2. Attend the FREE training session

Attend the FREE training, meet another student, get a reading and give a reading yourself.

3. Get feedback from the Trainer at the session.

Speak with our expert trainer adviser after the FREE session, we will learn your plans and tailor your training to your needs. 

4. Start your six moth course.

Join our six month training programme, we'll support you in becoming a working professional psychic medium.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us!


Sarah Mcgeachy

I am currently training under Marc and have learned so much including how to do platform work, give private sittings and also the business side/legalities of
Mediumship, all done in a closed circle and I'd happily recommend his services!


Rol L

Thank you so much for the other night.
It has been a while since I have felt like that. Even since childhood, I haven't felt that amount of presence or peacefulness.


Melinda Campisi

Absolutely on spot...
I'd recommend him to anyone.

Our Process Leads To Results


Unlock the power of unique mediumship techniques with our cutting-edge Syllabus. Our program includes three areas where we teach a revolutionary approach that differs significantly from any other methodology.

These techniques are so unique that we're currently considering trademark registration. That's how seriously we take our commitment to provide you with exclusive, game-changing skills.

Pattern Working

This is the opposite way that most Mediums work, clearing the mind before starting to give evidence.  It is far more effective than the usual style of getting evidence before giving it.  It takes an enormous amount of faith in spirit to work this way, but it is far more effective.

Rapid Fire Messages

This is a method of being able to work from a stage or Spiritual Centre platform and give rapid-fire messages. These are short, accurate, direct messages.

The Rule of Three 

This is a technique that Marc teaches to work with to deal with the confusion most Mediums have when they receive messages that are not as clear as they would like. It is a method of clarity and interpretation.

Imagination Association

This is a technique that Marc teaches to work with to deal with the confusion most Mediums have when they receive messages that you would think of as imagination. For example two images of people, one a relation and another of a historical character.  Is this a wondering mind or is it a quick way of Spirit giving you information, learn from Marc what exactly this means. 


Consulting Mediumship

The hardest thing to do in a reading is to give specific evidential messages from the loved ones on the other side. Marc teaches a method that helps you to hone in on the message and give very specific evidence and advice/instructions from the other side.

Nothing Equals Something

This is a technique that Marc teaches to work with to deal with the confusion most Mediums have when they think they have or are receiving nothing.  Nothing always means something. And the block associated with this that the student feels is because they have not worked out what the meaning is.  Marc teaches how to work this out and then to receive further evidence from the Spirit.


Free First Session

Master Proof of Life After Death 

Learn how to work and earn.

 Legal Considerations

On-Going Support

Get 3 hours of FREE Training!

Join our FREE training session and take the first step towards building a successful career as a highly-skilled medium and earn a living doing what you love.

There can also be additional costs for your website such as the purchase of the domain name from professional web companies.

Under UK law Mediumship is regarded as entertainment and as such you must treat all readings given and training to give readings as entertainment and training to be an entertainer to comply with the trades descriptions Acts.*

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