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Circle Membership for one circle a week.

Spiritually develop attending one circle a week.

$65 per month ongoing.

Circle Membership for one circle a week.

You may have just awoken and started to experience what it is like to communicate with the other side.  There is a difference between the ability to receive things from Spirit and being able to understand and convey this as messages to people.  This is the difference between being aware of Spirit and becoming a Medium.

You learn all about this here.  You develop the skills of Mediumship in circles. Books and courses help, but the only real way to develop is sitting in a circle long term.  It is like learning to ride a bike. You need to put the bum onto the saddle,  the hands on the handle bar and the feet onto the pedals. Balance and how to cycle follow by doing it.

It is done through a group of people sitting together (circle), learning from a working medium, or circle leader.  You learn the skills of opening and closing, receiving ,and how to meditate along with other essential knowledge.

Traditionally, people met in physical groups, but over the Covid period Marc started to run and develop circles using Zoom and they work just as well as in real life meetings. In fact, Marc now prefers to do this on Zoom as he gets to meet peple from all over the world.

Anyone, within reason, can develop these skills. Find out yourself at one of the Saturday Open Circle sessions which you can attend free of charge for the first time.

These circles are run on the weekends and there are three to choose from. A beginners circle on Saturday afternoon,  and then either on Saturday or Sunday. At one circle a wek you can come to any of these and change from wek to week.

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