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Full training as a Medium over nine months.

Become a professional working medium in nine months.

$1,015 if payed up front or $132.50 payable monthly for nine months

Full training as a Medium over nine months.

Question: What are the two things you need to work as a Professional Medium?


1.The Skills and Ability to connect to the other side 

You learn all of this here.  You develop the skills of Mediumship in circles. Books and courses help, but the only real way to develop is sitting in a circle on a regular basis with a highly experienced Circle Leader able to micro teach you after every reading how and what and why.

As a general rule, Marc says it takes at least 52 Circle sessions to develop the full range of skills to be able to make sure you are able to connect a client with their spiritual loved ones in a fashion that enables you to deliver messages for them.

Anyone within reason can develop these skills. Find out yourself at one of the Saturday Open Circle sessions which you can attend free of charge for the first time.


2. The Ability to Skils to earn an Income in Mediumship

There are very specific things you need to do as a Medium to earn an income.

Market yourself: this is all about presentation and connections...what do and how to do it.

How to do readings that lead to future bookings. You have to be seen working doing short readings which are highly effective to be able to do well paid private readings or get bokings for Spiritual Events.

This Training Course

Lasts for nine months. Two circles a week. You will start in the weekend Circles to learn the basic skills and then move to the weekday circles to get the more intense and harder traning.

When you have completed this course you have the option then to join the Business Mediumship Program.

You have to be able to put aside aprox six hours a week to complete this program.

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