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Congratulations on Applying for Our Free Training Event!

What Happens Next

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with us! You'll soon be contacted by one of our dedicated training advisers. Their role is to ensure you fully understand the nature of our events and help you determine if our longer-term training program is the right fit for you.

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Marc Stuart Medium

Before your initial session, we invite you to watch a video of a previous event. This will allow you to ask any questions and ensure you feel comfortable and confident about attending.


  • Video One: Includes opening and closing practices along with a guided meditation. Watch until the end to follow the closing procedures.

  • Video Two: Readings only.

Video One with Opening/Closing and a Guided Meditation:

Video Two Readings Only:

Booking Your Event:

Our adviser will reach out via email, SMS, and phone to arrange a convenient time for you. Once you're ready, you'll be booked into a free training event. We do ask for a small deposit of $20, which will be refunded after your review meeting with the training adviser following the event.

Agenda for the Training Event:

  • Introductions: Meet and greet your fellow participants.

  • Grounding and Opening: Learn the crucial skill of opening to Spirit, essential for your progress.

  • Guided Meditation: Experience a soothing guided meditation to enhance your focus.

  • Student Readings: Receive heartfelt messages from students, connecting you with your loved ones.

  • Interactive Practice: Work directly with the teacher to deliver a message to a fellow student, connecting with one of their loved ones.

  • Closing and Insights: Conclude with a brief discussion on opening and closing practices, tailored to your needs.

  • Program Information: Interested in joining the training program? Have a chat with the teacher at the end of the session to learn more.

This session promises to be both enlightening and engaging, setting the stage for your journey of spiritual growth and connection.

If You Decide to Continue:

Our intensive six-month training course is designed to elevate your skills and knowledge through a comprehensive, immersive experience. This program includes 26 weekly training sessions, all conducted in a circle-based format similar to our free introductory sessions. Each session is rigorous, offering direct feedback to help you refine and develop your abilities. You will learn a series of unique reading methodologies exclusive to our program, unmatched by other Scottish mediums. Additionally, we incorporate two non-spiritual textbooks to enhance your critical thinking and evidence-gathering techniques. Our training materials also feature an extensive library of video sessions, which we recommend you watch regularly, most days, to reinforce your learning. As you progress, you will receive personalized support, including the creation of your own website and specialized marketing training to help you establish your presence. This course is a blend of hard work, dedicated practice, and unparalleled resources, all designed to ensure your success.

What Happens Next:

One of our training advisers will contact you to book your training event and arrange the $20 deposit. After attending the event, you'll have a closing session with the adviser to discuss your experience and potential future with our program—plus, you'll get your $20 deposit back.

Alternatively, you can email our training advisers directly to let them know your availability. You'll need about 15 minutes for this initial conversation. We look forward to helping you take the next step in your journey!

Marc Stuart Medium

Please make sure emails from the domain are marked as safe.

$20 Refundable Deposit

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Terms: This will get you access to the Training Event after a discussion with one of our training advisers.  It is fully refundable after you attend the training event and have a closing meeting with the training adviser to give feedback. If you decide to go ahead with the course it is deducted from the course payments, if you do not go ahead it is refunded at the end of the month when the training event takes place by Paypal.

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