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Sheila Nagila

Sheila Nagila

Training Adviser

Sheila Nagila - Training Adviser

Sheila lives in Bedfordshire, UK - where the beauty of nature matches her vibrant spirit.

Sheila is one of our Training Advisors for the 6-month Mediumship course. She manages the on boarding of those looking to join the course. Before coming to work with us she has held several marketing and administrative roles.

She is one of the first people on our team that you will probably encounter.


Sheila is in the early stages of her quest to become a professional medium, a path that resonates deeply with her soul. She's dedicated to strengthening her spiritual connections and assisting others on their spiritual journeys.

With a professional background in marketing, and customer service, Sheila brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Her experience in building connections and communicating effectively is an asset in her current role.

Sheila is driven by her passion for helping people achieve their goals, especially when it comes to embarking on a spiritual path. She understands the importance of personal development and loves guiding others on their journey to self-discovery and growth.

Sheila has an innate talent for making connections with people. Her friendly and personable nature makes her an excellent addition to our team, where communication and relationships are key.

As the youngest member of our team, Sheila infuses a youthful energy into her work. Her enthusiasm and fresh perspectives invigorate our projects and contribute to a dynamic team environment.

Beyond her spiritual pursuits, Sheila has a deep interest in music. She has even contemplated the idea of pursuing a career as a professional singer, adding yet another layer to her multifaceted personality.

In Sheila, we find not just a teammate but a guiding light on our spiritual voyage. Her unwavering positivity, professional skills, and genuine passion for personal development make her a remarkable asset to our team. We're fortunate to have Sheila by our side as we explore the realms of spirituality and connection.

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